Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, The GBA

Pokémon Emerald reintroduces animated sprites, a more in-depth story, and, above all, the Battle Frontier! The Battle Frontier alone sets Pokémon Emerald apart from any of its predecessors, making it endlessly replayable. Both games are the same except for the version exclusives and the role the enemy team plays in the storyline. While both games are essentially the same aside […]

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Radical Red Patcher

It doesn’t add Tails and Knuckles as Divine Beasts or swap Ganondorf for Robotnik but it does turn the Master Cycle into Sonic. Yes, folks; now you can ride around Hyrule on the back of the world’s fastest hedgehog!. It follows Link on his quest to find Navi, his fairy companion from the first N64 Zelda game. But this search […]

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