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Data collected by NGOs suggests the majority of trafficking victims are men subjected to forced labor, primarily in Russia. Belarusian victims are exploited primarily in Belarus and Russia, as well as in Poland, Turkey, and other countries in Europe, Eurasia, and the Middle East. Some Belarusian women traveling for foreign employment in the adult entertainment and hotel industries are subjected to sex trafficking. The government has identified Belarusian, Moldovan, Russian, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese victims exploited in Belarus. Due to the pandemic, traffickers increasingly use online methods to coerce victims into forced labor and sex trafficking. In August 2020, Maryia Kalesnikava, who campaigned with Tsikhanouskaya and Babaryka, announced the creation of a new political party called “Together.” In September, Kalesnikava was kidnapped and later incarcerated, effectively ending the initiative.

During and after the presidential campaign of 2020 and throughout 2021, arbitrary arrests, police brutality and torture, and the denial of due process rights continued with impunity. Many lawyers defending political prisoners were disbarred or arrested. Protests require permission from local authorities, who often arbitrarily deny it. The May 2021 amendment to the law https://gardeniaweddingcinema.com/european-women/belarusian-women/ on mass events imposes strict authorization requirements and impedes organizers’ ability to raise funds for protests.

  • The referendum changed the constitution and allowed Lukashenk to cancel the elections and remain president.
  • Open had raised $2 million in humanitarian aid for Ukrainian relief.
  • The EU banned Belarusian airlines from entering its airspace and from accessing its airports.
  • For several centuries the Belarusian territories were strongly influenced by the Byzantine culture, including Orthodox Christianity, stone architecture, and literature.
  • In the past, observers reported authorities threatened individuals who refused to work with fines or unpaid premium compensation.

There are some situations when the mother is arrested in Belarus, and the children made it in time to escape to Lithuania without any relatives. If a Belarusian woman has no political asylum , her child will have no citizenship and will have issues with getting a residence permit. I.e., in future there will be a certain number of newborn illegal Belarusian children in Lithuania. Have problems with access to information, legal assistance, lack of political lobbing and attention to the problems of Belarusian women in Lithuania. Suffer from constant attacks and provocations organized by the KGB and other special services of the Belarusian regime, the FSB of Russia, including attempts to recruit agents among Belarusians in exile. Approximately the same difference in favor of males is maintained among the testers.

After she was filmed telling a police officer “I am just out for a walk,” many protesters adopted the slogan. But as Lukashenko struggles to quash the unrest, it appears the government is changing its tactic — cracking down on female protesters. Mirochnik said while she thinks Kolesnikova’s arrest will not slow down the protests, people have taken her detention as “a personal insult.” Kolesnikova, with her signature bleached blonde hair and red lipstick, has walked alongside protesters in rallies, boldly approaching riot police, demanding that mass detentions stop.

Belarusian women: even the work does not save us from poverty

With protests carrying on, Antoniuk struggled to say how long the political crisis might take to resolve. From the weekly protests to the leaders organizing and calling for change, women have had a strong presence. A compelling and unavoidable theme of Belarus’ popular protest movement calling for the removal of Lukashenko, now into its sixth week, is the central role played by women. The 26-year-old copywriter was taking part in a protest against the detention of an opposition leader, one of many demonstrations since Belarus’ authoritarian leader, Alexander Lukashenko, was named the winner of a contested election on Aug. 9. From the weekly protests to the leaders organizing and calling for change, Belarusian women have had a strong presence.

Ukrainian, Belarusian, and Russian Women in the Anti-War Movement

Many Belarusians do not see social injustice in the low status of women, and so do not protest the situation. Critics and opposition members denounce the increasingly oppressive political atmosphere and human rights violations in Belarus under the Soviet-style authoritarianism of President Alyaksandr Lukashenko. In 1999, the year President Lukashenko was to step down, he held what was internationally considered to be a rigged national referendum. The referendum changed the constitution and allowed Lukashenk to cancel the elections and remain president.

Harsh Sentences for Belarusian Activists in Politically Motivated Case

Belarusian “working poor” are teachers and doctors, engineers and university lecturers. They are partly lowest-level employees at the public and community-level institutions.

The wife was not responsible for her husband’s debts, but the husband was for his wife’s. Belarusian married women enjoyed relative equality in decision-making and economic share.